Monday, September 17, 2007

First, Second and third order consumers - task card 8

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Ami and I were given 'task card 8' which is about first, second and third order consumers. As part of this we also have to describe what a 'trophic level' is and we have to draw an 'energy pyramid' for an African lion.

What is the difference between first, second and third order consumers?
Basically, you have to start with the producers. In the animal kingdom this would be things such as plants, grass, plankton, etc. From this point you put in the things that live mainly off of the producers, Such as insects, small fish, bugs and other small animals. These are the first order consumers. Then next you get the things that live off of the first order consumers but also the producers. Such as birds, small mammals, small or medium fish, etc. These are the second order consumers. Then you get the third order consumers whose diets consist mainly of meat. Humans are considered third order consumers along with animals such as lions, bears, sharks, etc.

I also found out that all organisms that don't produce their own food, which is all of the consumers, are called heterotrophs.

What is a trophic level?

A 'trophic level' is the name given to the different categorizations that the animals in a certain pyramid are given. Such as producers, first, second and third order consumers. Each thing is one trophic level, ie. 'producers' are the first trophic level in the pyramid.

- sorry that this picture is not very clear. Basically it explains the order of a pyramid for an african lion. -


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